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This is a list of some of the photograph collections on the site. These links will take you a little further down this page, or you can scroll down the page to find the ones of interest...

Photography of interest chiefly to family and friends are on those pages.




On October 22, 2005, we flew to Houston, then to Guayaquil, and then to the Galapagos. Over the next week, the Lindblad vessel Islander took us to several islands. We generated 1600 digital images over time. I've separated the some of the images into collections: birds, wildlife, sea lions, islands, medley, and people on the trip.

Baja California

On March 10, 2007, we flew to Baja California and began a trip with Lindblad. The whales were amazing.

Costa Rica and Panama

In January, 2009, we took a trip with Lindblad to the Costa Rica rainforest in Monteverde, and then a cruise along the Costa Rica Pacific coast to Panama, and through the Panama canal. We accumulated a lot of digital images and have collected a few here: forest birds, animals, and sea birds.

Norway and the Arctic

In June, 2009, we took a trip with Lindblad north along the coast of Norway and then to the Svalberg archipelago. It was our longest expedition to date, and was a really enjoyable mix of cruising, hiking, and wonderful photography opportunities. This is a collection of images originally created for a slide show on the ship.

The Netherlands

In April, 2010, we took a bicycling trip through the Netherlands with our friends, Lana Skirboll and Leonard Taylor. The heavy bike and fairly long routes were not especially conducive to photography, but nonetheless I managed to collect images of flowers, people, urban scenes, and windmills.


The travel highlight of 2010 was a Lindblad expedition that took us to The Falklands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula. The trip is summarized in a collection of images, including birds, scenery, and marine mammals.

Death Valley

In February, 2011, we took a bicycling trip through Death Valley with Lana and Leonard. This was the first trip in which Story made a serious effort with her own camera, and she created some of the memorable images from the trip.

Sea of Cortez

We had really enjoyed our trip to antarctica. Much of the satisfaction derived from our traveling companions, Jeannette Townsend and Dick Baringer. The professional photographers, though, added a great deal as well. We were happy to join both sets in a trip to the Sea of Cortez with Lindblad in April, 2011, just prior to the first of Dennis's surgical procedures.

East Africa

In January, 2012, we traveled in a group of 20 to East Africa. The trip had been organized by Jack and Rikki Swenson, a pair of talented photographers and naturalists. They had selected sites in Kenya and Tanzania, and had engaged Micato Safaris to provide expedition leaders and skilled drivers. Our friends, Jeannette Townsend and Dick Baringer, made the trip even more pleasant. With the amazing natural settings and good advice, I took many images. I've broken them down into ten sets: Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards, Buffalo and Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Baboon and Monkeys, Herbivores, Birds, and the Samburu and Maasai peoples.

Europe by bicycle, 2013

Leonard Taylor and Lana Skirboll collected a fascinating group of folk, and we joined them in a bicycle tour from Prague to Vienna, run by Vermont Bicycle Tours. Their children, Ellie and Patrick, and our son joined us. Susan Emmet, a fascinating young woman now in ENT residency training, also came. The first set of images is mostly people.

Southern Africa, 2013

In September of 2013, we traveled with a group to South Africa and Botswana. The trip had been organized by Jack and Rikki Swenson, in collaboration with Lindblad and Bushtracks. Jeannette Townsend and Dick Baringer were wonderful travel companions. We traveled to a series of camps, including Mala Mala, Mashatu, Chobe, Chitabe, and little Vumbura. As in the past, I took a lot of images, and here collected them into antelope, cats, birds, landscape, and miscellaneous fauna.

Headwaters of the Amazon, 2014

In December of 2014, we traveled on a Lindblad expedition to the headwaters of the Amazon. Over the course of a week, we were taken by river boat, the Delfin II, to a variety of sites along the Rio Ucayali and Rio Maranon. These make up the principal headwaters of the Amazon, in Peru. Each day we took skiff rides, along tributary waterways, to view wildlife and to visit some of the villages in this vast rainforest. I assembled images for a book, and have divided them, somewhat haphazardly, into several collections: landscape and animals, birds, dolphins, monkeys, people, and a set of images taken by Story.

Paris, 2015

We joined our friends Dick Baringer and Jeanette Townsend on a complex trip. We spent a few days in Paris, then flew to Madagascar, and then finally spent a few days in South Africa. While in Paris, we walked the ancient streets, and enjoyed great cusine. Photography there was incidental, but fun.

Madagascar, 2015

We flew from Paris to Madagascar, to see lemurs in a tour with Wilderness Travel. We went to several sites across the country to see various species, and they were fascinating indeed. There were other interesting flora and fauna as well. We were not prepared, however, for the discouraging scenes of poverty, both in rural and urban settings. Most of these images were taken from the safety and isolation of a minbus as we drove from lemur site to lemur site.

Londolozi, South Africa, 2015

After the depressing squalor of Madagascar, we spent a few days in Londolozi, a private game reserve in South Africa. Story and I had visited the same place in 1996 or 1997. The buildings had been upgraded to a remarkably luxurious standard, and the wildlife viewing was wonderful.

Patagonia, 2016

New Zeland, 2016



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