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  • Perhaps it is a little incautious to create a ‘Friends’ section.  One has to think a little about inclusion and exclusion criteria.  Actually, that would be overly concerned.  This is really more of a photographic gallery, and so is heavily biased toward those with whom there have been opportunities for photographs.

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Linda Bail and George Casey

George Casey and Woody Woodrich had known one another during college, at RPI.  Woody and Judy introduced us to George and Linda Bail during our summer trips to the beach house, and we have come to know them well.  George and Linda have lived all across the nation, including homes in Cincinnati, Ford Lauderdale, Santa Rosa, Phoenix, and New Hope.  They have built a base in Freeport, Maine.  George’s considerable experience with construction helped him to build a wonderful house, and Linda’s artistic gifts have turned it into a spectacular home.
When George and Linda lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it made wonderful sense to join them there for New Year’s.  The people grew much more important than the site, and so the Woodrich, Landis, and Casey-Bail couples have moved New Year’s celebration to Freeport.

A host of family and friends wanted to celebrate George's 65th birthday. Somehow, Linda was able to keep the preparations a secret, and George was genuinely surprised to find his friends and family welcoming him with Mel and Carolyn Miller for a Saturday cruise. A lobster feast and flowing wines followed the cruise on a flawless Maine day, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The first grandchild, Conor, occasioned a wonderful family get-together in late August of 2013, just prior to Matt's wedding to Lauren and Pete's departure with the grandchild to California. By October, 2019, the family has grown to five grandchildren, all boys.

Dick Baringer and Jeanette Townsend

Dennis was a medical student when he met Dr. Richard Baringer, then a Fellow in the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Both used electron microscopy as a research tool, and both became serious photographers as a hobby.  Dick and Jeanette have traveled and trekked the world, and have endless lore and cultural insights.  We persuaded Dick and Jeanette to join us on a Lindblad trip to Antarctica, and since then we have traveled together twice to Africa. Most recently, in May of 2019, we traveled to the Galapagos islands.

Friends at Baylor College of Medicine

Vanessa Paras teamed up with Bob Ware to campaign in the Houston Raise charitable event. Part of their effort was a party, with donations going to charity. Vanessa has since married, and has two children with Mike McFeely. I had worked with Deb Brill at Baylor, and she remained in Texas a few years after my departure. Now, she has returned home to the west side of Cleveland, and has developed an interest in crafting jewelry in addition to her professional work.

Bill Belding and Margel Highet

Bill and Dennis were classmates for six years at Chadwick School.  When Dennis chose Harvard and Bill chose Yale, the schools looked to be quite close.  Bill has had extraordinary life experiences as a swimmer, in the Seals, in real estate law, and more recently in teaching.  He was lucky enough to find Margel Highet some years ago, and now they split their time between a home on the Chesapeake peninsula and teaching in Bologna, Italy.  Their home in Oxford is close to the Blackwater Refuge, and so we drag Bill there regularly to admire the winter birds.  He is becoming increasingly expert at identification.

Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland

Story and I have many friends and fond memories from our years at Case Western Reserve University, but only a little has been included in digital photographs. Dennis was at University Hospitals of Cleveland for 22 years. For the 12 years that he served as Chairman of the Department of Neurology, he was privileged to work with a wonderful group of friends and colleagues in the administrative setting. He recalls with particular fondness the weddings of two co-workers, Vanessa Paras McFeeley and Rebecca Kahl Smith.

Chadwick Classmates

Dennis attended Chadwick from the 7th through the 12th grade.  The size of the graduating class was only 52, and many had known one another for more than 5 years.  Personal contact after graduation was infrequent, though, as Dennis moved to New England and most of the classmates dispersed over the West Coast.  Toward the end of 2001, Dennis and Gail Clark Moser began a long distance email correspondence, despite not having seen one another for many years.  The occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of our graduation, in 2013, created an opportunity to meet once again.  Only about half the class could be found, and fewer were actually able to attend.  Still, the Chadwick Reunion was a wonderful way to learn about the fascinating lives and accomplishments of this remarkable group of people.

Judy and Al Dannes

Judy and Al had been spending summer vacations with Woody and Judy in Bethany Beach, Maryland, when they invited the Landis family to join them as well.  Al’s unfailing good humor was a great antidote to concerns of the world, and we learned rapidly to set aside job concerns and enjoy the sun and sand.  Judy has embarked on a frustrating, but slightly successful campaign to teach Dennis domestic skills.  The last Bethany Beach House vacation was in 2008, but we remain in contact, and often spend New Year’s Day together (with the Casey-Bails and Woodriches). We also participated in a surprise Birthday Party for Judy. Judy and Al have retired to Lewes, Delaware, and it has been a great pleasure to visit them there.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dennis was a resident in Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and then became a junior faculty member there.  During that time, he could afford black and white film only, and had a chance to capture images of colleagues during training.  Those images were collected many years later, for celebration of our mentors, Raymond Adams and Miller Fisher.

Peggy and Bob Ratcheson

Bob was Chair of Neurosurgery, Story was Chair of Neuroscience, and Dennis was Chair of Neurology during some great years at Case Western Reserve University.  Our friendships have grown even though we moved in different professional directions.  Peggy and Bob introduced us to fly fishing in Montana, and we have sought every opportunity to join them there since. For the last several years, we have traveled together to Patagonia, for amazing fishing there.

Lana Skirboll and Leonard Taylor

Story has enjoyed the friendship of many colleagues at the NIH, but Lana is one of the most fascinating and complex of them.  She and Leonard encouraged Story and Dennis to use their bicycles in trips around the DC area, and eventually in trips across the world.  Notable recent excursions have been in the Netherlands, in Death Valley, and in central Europe.  We are all collectively catching our breath now, but Leonard has plans bubbling.

Judy and Woody Woodrich

Dennis, Story and Michael moved to Edmunds Road in Wellesely in 1980.  Shortly thereafter, Judy, Woody, Scott and Stacia moved next door.  Woody was astounded by Dennis’s ability to whistle Beethoven while washing his car. The families have been friends since.  When the Landis family moved to Shaker Heights in 1985, we sustained our friendships with annual trips to a beach house in Bethany Beach, Maryland, over 16 years (or so).  Memorable events include the marriages of Scott and Stacia.  In recent years, our families have joined one another at Thanksgiving.  Sometimes these events are just the old folks, and sometimes many more can be there.  Judy’s marvelous culinary skills displayed in Wellesley have encouraged Story to work really hard in Bethesda, and the rest of us have eaten very well.

In June, 2005, Scott Woodrich married CeCe in a lovely seaside ceremony in Florida. I took photographs with my partially mastered Nikon D100, and have organized them into three collections: the reception and events before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the festivities after the ceremony.

In May, 2008, Stacia Woodrich and Mark Fritz were married in Wellesley. Here is a collection of people at the rehearsal dinner, the night before the ceremony.

Woody died suddenly early in 20014. He was a fine person and a good friend; we will remember him with affection and respect. A collection of photographs serves to remind us of our pleasant times in recent years


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