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This is a list of some of the photograph collections I intend to add (someday) to the site. Please click on the link in the list or scroll down the page to find the ones that have actually been done...

Heather Catherine Doyle Landis Linder Blackmar

Heather attended the University of Texas at Austin, and there met Bruce Blackmar.  They were married two years after graduation.  Heather and Bruce had been visiting us in Shaker Heights when they learned that Heather was pregnant with Blake.  Since then, it has usually been more convenient for us to visit them at their homes in Clear Lake, Baton Rouge, and then Clear Lake again.  Our families have drawn close, despite the many miles that separate us.

Our family circle enlarged to include Bruce’s parents, siblings, and various nieces and nephews.  For several years we all joined in a clan reunion at Richland-Chambers lake in Texas, around Mother’s day.  The families also try to gather in the fall, around Thanksgiving or Christmas. 
While Dennis worked as Chairman of Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine, there were many more opportunities to get together.  Story, Dennis and Mike have joined Heather and Bruce at their home for Christmas for the last several years.  We have also enjoyed spring break in Galveston for the last few years.

On the Columbus day holiday weekend in October, 2005, Story and Dennis flew to the home of Heather and Bruce in Clear Lake, south of Houston. Each of the children was involved in a sports event.

On December 28, 2005, Story and Dennis flew to San Antonio, and were joined at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort by the Blackmar family: Heather, Bruce, and their children. They had driven from Houston. The occasion was Brooke's 9th birthday, on December 30, 2005. One morning we walked along a nature trail. Bruce and Blake spent some of the time looking for errant golf balls, and Brooke and Brynne were practicing beam gymnastics. Story found a caterpillar.

On May 5-7, 2006, Bruce's family held their third annual clan reunion at Richland-Chambers lake, coinciding with Pat Blackmar's birthday. Fishing was great, and the family fun was pleasant too.

Story, Mike and Dennis joined Bruce, Heather and the kids for Christmas in 2007. Here is a collection of photographs, after the opening of presents and learning how to use the iPods.

The spring of 2008 has been a busy time. Blake has been improving his basketball skills, Brynne has been learning gymnastics, and Brooke is learning volleyball as well as gymnastics.

In 2012, Heather and Bruce decided to celebrate their anniversary with a family cruise to Alaska. We were very happy to join them. Later in that year, I marveled to see how the children were growing into wonderful young people.

Blake's Senior Year at Clear Lake High School has been a resounding success. He was a football captain, and gained national attention for his athletic prowess. We were able to attend his Senior Year Homecoming game, and watch him overwhelm the opposition. He was invited to participate in the Semper Fi all-star high school football game after New Year's day in 2014, and there further enhanced his reputation. He maintained his national honor society status, and received the Top Gun trophy for the highest GPA on the football team. Brooke and Brynne were outstanding in developing their volleyball athletic skills and maintaining academic achievement. Blake's high school graduation was a celebration of accomplishment and family pride.

Michael Cleland Doyle Landis

Mike attended University School in Shaker Heights, and then went on to the University of Pennsylvania.  He began to work part-time during the last years in college, and he has since worked in start-up software companies.  He began with Neat, joined Wizehive for a while, and then returned to greater responsibilities at Neat.  Mike lives in Roxboro, a suburb of Philadelphia.  With his computer expertise, he encouraged me to set up this website.  He has regretted that since, as I keep pestering him with questions about adding materials.

He has been a delightful traveling companion.  He joined us on a Lindblad trip in the Sea of Cortez, and more recently a bicycle through central Europe. 



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Sharing photographs with friends and family.
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